FMS CRJ 550/700 update on drive D:

MSFS 2020 is up to date.
I followed your procedure to the letter to add the CRJ aerosoft FMS database.
When I click on Microsoft Flightsimulator.
I get a message saying it can’t find it, try again.
MSFS is not on disk C: but on D:.
So I put myself on disk D: and I redid the procedure but I had the same result.
Thank you for your help.
PS: I use Google translate, because I don’t understand English.

Hi Marc,


Please post a screenshot as follows using Guide to posting Screenshots

Also please post screenshots of any error messages.


Thank you for your message.
I can’t find my message on the forum.
So I answer your email and I attach the screen print with the error message.

221209-Erreur update FMS CRJ 550-700.jpg

I just found the problem.
I had changed the name of the directory to better find it in the explorer.
The update went well this time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Marc,

No problems, glad it is resolved.


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