FMC malfunction after XP 11 update

hello Ian,

after updating the X-Plane version 11.50 to X-Plane version 11.51 everything got into a state of disorder and my B737-800 Zibomod doesn’t work properly. For every time I try to enter the flight-plan data, the FMC indicates the info „CORRUPTED NAVDATA“. What does ist mean?

Otherwise the Addon List of the Navigraph FMS Data Manager notifies that the most recent revision AIRAC 2101 is installed. Now I’m rather perplexed. What can I do, Ian?

Thank you for your help and so long

the search function works very well …

You will find the answer in some postings here:

Thank you,

hello richard,

thank you for your advice. I am yet looking for the appropriate answer, but it’s not easy to find the solution. anyway - I’ll keep on.


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