FMC does not show aiports

HI after having updated current AIRAC circle 2203 no airports / SID and Star Data are shown the FMC of FF B 767 although the Data Manager shows that download was succesfull ( full green).
I re-downloaded twice but problem remains.
Any suggestion

and welcome. Are you sure, that the data location is correct on your machine?

  1. Can you post a screenshot of the settings of your FMS Data Manager, where we see the exact path of your sim?

  2. Can you post a screenshot of your “Addon Mapping” page, where you move your mouse point to the path in the FF B767 line, that we see the exact path here:

Thank you,

Thank you for your fast response and explanation.
I overlooked to update the path to FF 767 Extended 1.3.3 instead kept the path B 767 … only,
Small detail but important and one never stops learning

Best regards
W. P.Zeplin

Great, when it´s solved … Thank you very much for your feedback and don´t hesitate to contact us here again, whenever you have a question, issue or any idea of improvement :wink:

Take care,

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