Flying with Freinds

I would like to fly with freinds . Starting from the same Airport seeing oneanother flying and then landing on the same Airport all of us together . I have been using Navigraph so long now and it was always a wish to do that without using such complicated Software such as swift and others. I know it is probably not easy but maybe in the future you guys will make it possible , but don´t wait to long because I am almost eighty years of age .
Thanks and keep up the good work you are doing.

Hello! Thanks for creating this topic and welcome to our forum!

This feature is very likely to be included as a result of this already existing wishlist topic:

We can keep this topic for now, but I am positive that can be considered a duplicate!

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Thanks for your fast and positive answer I am looking forward to this Integration in Navigraph it will be giant Hit for Navigraph.

Keep up your great work
and thanks a lot