Flightplan Json with empty variables

Hey, I know it’s a long shot but I’m trying to use the json=1 flag to get my flight plan but values that don’t contain things are empty dictionaries. This is causing a bit of a problem in my code I’m setting up for myself. Is there any chance of the next update to the output switching it so, just say frequency from the navlog fixes will return just “” if it’s empty and not {}? Assuming it won’t break anything of course.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

This will be solved in the next major version of the API, but this is still a ways away from release. I’ve made a note to look into a more near-term solution for the current API, at the moment I’m just not sure how long it might be though before I can work on this.


Hi again,

I’ve added an updated JSON response that should fix this issue. Simply append &json=v2 instead of &json=1 to get the new format. Note that there are a few other minor changes besides removing the empty objects.

Let me know if it works as expected.