Problem with Aircraft Data


I allow myself to contact you because I want to use the Aircraft Data in the SimBrief API but when I put in my code all the information on the plane, these do not appear in the SimBrief flight plan.

For example:

In my code:
<input type="hidden" name="acdata" value='{"maxpax":352,"oew":147.8,"mzfw":238,"mtow":347,"mlw":251,"maxfuel":145.5,"paxwgt":104,"bagwgt":0}'>

In the SimBrief OFP:

I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi, the JSON string you are sending is invalid.

From your recent OFP:

{"icao":B77W,"name":Boeing 777-300(ER),"cat":H,"maxpax":352,"oew":147.8,"mzfw":238,"mtow":347,"mlw":251,"maxfuel":145.5,"paxwgt":104,"bagwgt":0}

Any text values need to be in quotes. So “B77W”, “Boeing 777-300(ER)”, etc. Correct formatting would be:

{"icao":"B77W","name":"Boeing 777-300(ER)","cat":"H","maxpax":352,"oew":147.8,"mzfw":238,"mtow":347,"mlw":251,"maxfuel":145.5,"paxwgt":104,"bagwgt":0}

Also make sure to specify all weights in LBS in the acdata JSON. It looks like you’re using KG in your example.

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