Charts 8 - .flp format for 777-300ER in XP 11

I am t;rying ot fly the 777-300ER in XP 11 using the FMS. The plan format required is .flp. Your file export format options does not include .flp. Do you know how to convert from .fms to .flp? Thanks and I love V8 of your software. Stew Stoddart

Hello Stewart! Welcome to the forum and thank you for the kind words!

Some add-on developers create their own formats, and it is not possible or feasible for us to support them all from the start. Adding an export format takes time, so in order for us to prioritize it we would need to see more requests for the given format.

The ones currently included are brought along from the old charts applications and they were created due to popular demand.

Unfortunately not. That does not mean that it is impossible though! Sorry, but I don’t know of any such tools.

I’ll leave this open for now, if we somehow get some extra time over or if this gets a lot of requests - we’ll look into it!

Kind Regards,

Hi. I have this problem too. It’s a bit disappointing given that Simbrief supports .flp but Charts doesn’t. Loving Charts, but not great that I can’t use it with my chosen plane. I thought I was getting full integration with Simbrief but this kind of misses the mark for me.