Flight number gets downloaded with incorrect flight number

I always fly united, and my callsign should be united 4752, every time I create a new flight, ensuring only 4752 is in the atc callsign, it always comes into my aerosoft crj and flybywire a32nx as ual4752 witch in the sim I end up using united ual4752 wich to me sounds ridiculous. Even if i change it to just 4752 in the fms, atc stll goes with the original incorrect callsign. I have checked everywhere and cannot figure out how to stop it from happening. only thing I have not done is clear cach and cookies and format hard drive. Is there a solution to this issue?

To be honest, I’m not too sure how these add-ons are loading the callsign. The MSFS2020 .pln file does not include the callsign anywhere, and the CRJ .flp file includes only the ATC callsign (which in your case would have been only the numbers, without UAL, so it must not be getting it from there).

You could try asking Aerosoft/FBW directly through their support channels I suppose. Alternatively, maybe try generating your SimBrief flight plan without filling in the “Airline” option (where you normally would type “UAL”). Maybe that would be a workaround for the issue, at least until the developers fix this on their ends perhaps.

It’s also possible this is set somewhere in the add-on itself, and isn’t fixable through SimBrief. Only Aerosoft/FBW would be able to help if that’s the case.