Could this FPL be correct?


just a short question.
I created a Flightplan for my B737-800NG from LPPT to LXGB and get this part of the FPL:

Now…how can i climb to FL129 to PT416 ?
Thats not possible…did i miss something, maybe in the Settings ?



SimBrief is over-estimating the mileage to get from LPPT to PT416 slightly, due to right-hand turn on the SID. You can see it shows 16nm, whereas it’s probably more like 10nm in reality (it’s ~8nm if you go straight from the threshold to PT416 without the turn).

These climb and descent altitudes on the flight plan are not to be taken too literally. They are estimates. In fact, many airline OFPs don’t even show estimated altitudes during climb/descent, and some don’t even show any waypoints at all until after top of climb. Pilots are rarely looking at the OFP flight log at this stage of the flight.

For what it’s worth, real OFPs and even the official aircraft performance tables can also show some pretty optimistic early climb altitudes. The errors tend to become less pronounced the closer you get to top of climb.

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thanks a lot for explaining this.
I just tought i maybe did anything wrong.

So thanks for the Answer

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