A320 Wrong Climb Fuel Consumption


recently I have been checking the fuel consumptions from the FPLN and the actual fuel consumption and when it comes to the climb phase, the fuel consumption is too high.

My performance factor is good. The consumptions are the right ones, however, the flight plan says that I will require more fuel for the climb. When climbing, I was having a FF at FL150 of 3640 KG/H for both engines combined.

Can it be looked into? I have many FPLNS to send if they are required.

Which A320 are you you flying, for which simulator? Are you climbing at 250 / 300 / MACH 0.78 in the sim? Keep in mind Simbrief’s Cost Index feature only applies to the cruise phase of the flight.



You can also adjust the burn rate by P (plus) or M (minus) try M01

Flight Factor’s A320. Sorry for not answering recently.

I tried. It was at M08 and have tried a various range from M14 to M6. I can send PDFs to all those flight plans since I save most of them.


I see you’re using the DLH format. Just note that in this format, the fuel figures on the Flight Log (in your picture) are minimum fuel amounts at each waypoint. Not estimated fuel.

Presumably DLH does it this way to make it easier to determine if you still have enough fuel to continue to destination.

In other words, the fuel numbers on the flight log are your estimated fuel minus any Contingency and Extra fuel you have planned. So when doing fuel checks, simply check that your actual FOB is above this number. And if you want to compare against the planned fuel on board, simply add the contingency and extra fuel you departed with to this number.

If you’re unsure if this explains the discrepancy, please try a few flights using the LIDO format (which shows estimated fuel by each waypoint) to compare the fuel burns.

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That really makes sense. Thanks a lot. Sometimes I don’t know what things mean in the flight plan because there isn’t a guide for that format. At least the last time I checked.

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