No nav data in MCDU for OTHH

OTHH is showing “NOT IN DATABASE” when entered in the MCDU. Database is up to date. (P3D v 4 + Prosim A320) Is this a database issue?

not sure, is this airport with this ICAO code existing in P3D because we have all data in the source and also in the ProSim database.

Therefore, it could be that this airport isn’t available in P3D and therefore ProSim can’t assign it to the FMC.

Please check, if this airport is included in P3D first.

Thank you

This airport (OTHH) is not included in FSX-P3Dv1-v4 base sceneries. It is included in P3Dv5 stock data


Hi Richard, thanks for the reply. Yeah, strangely its not in the database which suprised me as P3D seemed to have every airport know to man! I’ve installed the airport scenery and rebuilt the database for Prosim and its seeing both the airport and the Jeppesen database. Thanks!

Thanks Hervé, much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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