FF A350 not updating

Greetings Ian & Richard,

I’ve recently installed XP12 (12.O4r3) and added the FF B757, B767, A320 & A350 to the hangar.

I did a scan for XP12 FMC datafiles and two were identified, the a320 and, it seemed, the B757 & B767 had the correct AIRAC when I flew them. However, when I went to fly the a350, it had not been updated. I manually downloaded and installed the ‘native’ file, and now it’s showing the correct cycle (2303) on the lower console FMC panel.

Was this a glitch, or does the updater need sorting?



Hi Terry,

I seem to recall the A350 had some issues displaying the Cycle info, even after the data had been correctly updated.

In FMS Data Manager make sure you update both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane GNS430… entries:


Those (FlightFactor A320, and FlightFactor Boiengs) use their own database, independent of the X-Plane default database. The A350, on the other hand, uses the native X-Plane 12 database (which you updated manually), so you want to make sure the FMS Manager is configured to update that automatically as well (it would be the first line in Ian’s screenshot) :slight_smile:



Thanks Ian, I’ve been into the Manager and made sure the ‘native’ is downloading so I hope this is solved.



Thanks for the reply Tim. I’d worked out that there were two databases being used and that the a350 was using ‘native’ so I downloaded it and installed it manually. I’ve now set up Navigraph to download ‘native’ into the a350 so I hope it is all sorted.