Fehlende Airports in Simbrief

Ich versuchte, die Airports Juba (HSSJ) und Gula (HUGU) per Simbrief in Uganda) anzufliegen. Beide Airports werden nicht erkannt. Bitte in die Liste aufnehmen, wenn möglich.



Please post in English.


as Ian mentioned - all posts in english please.

Short the question, translated:
Juba (HSSJ) and Gulu (HUGU) in Uganda are not available in the Simbrief database.

There are no official information in the AIP Uganda for Gulu, therefore there are only the airport-reference coordinates available but no runway - so for Simbrief useless but you see the airport in the charts. A second reason could be, that this airport is also used by the military and therefore, no data available.

Further the ICAO code HSSJ for Juba is outdated - the new one is HJJJ and Juba is included and can be used.

Hope that helps,

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