Feature Request VFR: export from Charts to Simbrief, Weather Flags on map, wind at cruise altitude

Well, as we now have the VFR functionality within Navigraph Charts with properly named CRPs, arr/dep routes, arr sectors, downwind altitudes - I would have some ideas for additional features…

a) option to export flight plan from Navigraph Charts to Simbrief

With that option, we would be able to use Simbrief for the weather and fuel planning, but can also make use of SimBrief and its SimBrief Downloader to get the final flight plan distributed to all systems and tools centrally.

b) weather icons in Charts VFR display mode

circles displaying VFR/IFR condition as well as wind speed and direction on the airports (data is already available in Charts)

c) option to display wind barbs for the cruise altitude set in VFR display mode

I would leave it up to the Simbrief team if we can get a proper VFR flight plan (flight log) created out of the data, which would show as table at least airport/waypoint, magnetic course, distance and TAS based on performance profile as well as calculated/expected magnetic heading and leg duration - ideally with two additional columns for ETO and ATO as well as some scratch space to note down ATIS information, if we print that out.

and it would be great if the flight rules setting VFR/IFR would properly propagate on flight plan up/download between Charts and Simbrief :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

a) We haven’t really considered this type of work flow before, but we’ll reconsider it. For now, you could simply copy-paste the flight plan from Charts (Export > Copy to clip board) to SimBrief (just paste the route), it should work in most cases.

b) and c) This is on our roadmap and will be coming in a not too distant future.

For the specific SimBrief feature requests I would recommend you to extract and post this separately in the SimBrief section for visibility to the SimBrief team.

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