Feature/QoL suggestion - reducing number of clicks

Hi - I often use Charts in conjunction with a flight plan previously planned on SimBrief.

So I will load up a flight plan and I find it’s often a lot of clicks to get to where I want to be. I wonder if there would be a possibility to add a toggle to ‘reduce clicks’ or something similar.

For example, when on the map view, which I find myself most commonly using as the shortest way to get to the relevant chart or list, I would suggest when clicking on a procedure would bring up the associated chart straight away rather than having to click again in the bottom right on the popup. Or clicking on an airport would bring up the charts list straight away. Same as in the ‘top bar’, clicking on a airport name I don’t think I’ve ever used the ‘display on map’ or ‘add/edit procedures’ options in the drop downs as it is far easier to either zoom out or use the dedicated drop downs for them.

Or even if the default behaviour was changed to this and perhaps right clicking on a procedure or airport would bring up the pop up in the bottom right instead.

Thanks for reading!

Hi Rob,

Happy New Year.

Thank you for these suggested enhancements which will certainly be considered as we progress to the next Charts version.


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