FBW A32NX EFB and charts

When I am at an airport I will be provided with any navigraph chart for any airport in my EFB. However, while enroute flying entering an airport ID doesn’t result in a chart being displayed.
For your infoemation, my Simbrief ID is entered correctly in the EFB’s setup.
When I require a chart via the Navigraph icon in FS2020’s menubar, all goes well both airborne as on the ground.

What might be the culprit with this issue in my EFB? Any help will be highly appreciated.

Hans van WIjhe

Hi Hans,

I can select any airport code in EFB Navigation & Charts when I am on the ground, climb, en-route, or descent.

Hope this is what you are referring to?


Yes, that’s what I mean. I only can select airports prior to departure, after that it is a no-go. Do you have any idea what might be going wrong for me? And how to “repair” it?

Thanks a lot for your assistance,

I don’t know why, I don’t have that behaviour. It is likely a FBW implementation issue. I suggest you ask in the FBW discord.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your advise. I will ask around.

Have a nice day,

I have the same behaviour. Hopefully gets fixed with the new EFB version - coming some time soon™.

Anxiously awaiting the new EFB version. Thank you for this information, Watsi.