Charts displayed in the FBW A320 Electronic Flight Board ( EFB )

As I begin a flight, all charts are displayed perfectly in the EFB and while the flight continues. Toward the middle or near the end of the flight the chart page of the EFB freezes and I am unable to display any charts for the destination airport. All other functions of the EFB work perfectly. I am not sure if this is a FBW or Navigraph problem?!! Or is it something I need to do? I have a monthly subscription to Navigraph. Each time I start a new flight the same thing happens. Any help will be appreciated!!

Are you running the Stable v0.7.4 FBW ?

Have you looked for or asked in the FBW Discord?


Hi, I have the same problem “development version” :worried:

I asked this question on 29 Nov 2021 and followed up with the same question on 11 Jan 2022 in the FBW Discussions section - I am still waiting for a response!! This problem happens with the Stable or Development version. I do have the most current FBW Development version

ok thx i tray experimental version