FASTO2 Arrival for KBFL - FASTO Waypoint Displaced

The FASTO2 STAR takes you to KBFL Meadows in Bakersfield, CA… It’s an arrival I’ve flown several times before without issue. I believe the last cycle update has displaced FASTO waypoint NE of Renton, WA, over 700nm N of KBFL. This happens whether I build out the flightplan in Simbrief (which depicts route correctly) first then import or directly from within Navigraph. Possible database error?

Update: Problem appears to be attributable to the most recent build of Navigraph. I had this route open on Navigraph on my laptop PC which I haven’t used for a while and it depicted the route as expected. After updating (when prompted), it now has FASTO displaced as per attached image.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

I can confirm the issue, and we will investigate this as soon as possible!

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