Aircraft position different than position shown on charts

I am positioned at LGKR and moving map shows me on LGAV. Huge difference…
Using the same account details on both sim link and charts, removed sim link from Roaming, reinstalled sim link, updated sim link and no luck.

Thank you!

Hi …,


In order for us to assist please provide details as per FAQ - Information requested when posting an issue.

With your FS loaded and aircraft located at LGKR, please post screenshot(s) as below using Guide to posting Screenshots


i have noticed that when i click on retrieve flight data, the arrow goes to LGKR for 10 seconds and then back to LGAV, but without changing the server coordinates to same as simulator coordinates.

also noticed that when i run xp12 on 1 pc and p3d on another pc, its getting confused. I ended p3d and i see now on xp computer that position reads good.
Isnt it possible to run 2 sims simultaneously? (on different pcs)


No, you can only use moving maps on one sim at the same time. That explains it. So please only run Simlink on the computer/sim you want to use with moving maps.



ok thank you. already purchased another subscription.