Failure to connect

After years of using Navigraph with no issues, suddenly every time I try to bring up a flight I have created in Simlink, it starts to load, and then I get the dreaded “SOMETHING DIDN’T WORK OUT AS EXPECTED” message, and I’m back to zero. What the heck? I have always run FSX-SE on one computer and Navigraph/Simlink on a second computer, both on the same network. Can you folks help with this very vexing problem.


Hi Justin,


You must only have the one copy of Simlink running and that must be on your FS machine.


Ah. Okay. I will try that in the morning. Many thanks for the quick response.


and that was the answer. Thank you again.


Sorry. Spoke too fast. It worked when I first did it (quit simlink on my second machine and made sure it was updated and functioning on the machine that has FSX-SE on it) but now we are back to “Something didn’t work out as expected.” I’m open to another suggestion.

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