Extra Fuel Suggestion

Hi, could please add an additional option (call it MAX or something), in the extra fuel drop down field, so when selected and you generate the OFP, it gives you the maximum allowable extra fuel so as not to exceed MTOW and MLW instead of reducing the payload to fill the tanks?

I ask this because when when I want to bring full tanks I would select a fuel quantity higher than what my plane can hold but in doing so it reduces the payload automatically. That is fine in some cases but in other cases I would instead prefer to bring the maximum allowable fuel without having to reduce the payload.

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To add to this… An option to choose for simbrief to prioritize fuel or payload could be added. That way if the user doesnt want payload bumped for fuel they could select payload, and if they dont mind bumping payload for fuel, they select to prioritize fuel. Im a manager of flight dispatch at a major u.s. carrier and thats what we have implemented into our system.

Hi, thanks, yes this feature is in the backlog. No ETA on when it might be added at the moment though.

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