Prioritize payload over Extra Fuel?

For example comparing the following briefings (unrealistic values generated only for the purpose of demonstrating current behavior):

ZFW   13500
ADDFU     0
ZFW   13331
ADDFU  1000

…the payload/ZFW was reduced so all 1000kg of extra fuel could be added. For contingency and reserve fuel, which are legal requirements, this makes sense, but in case of extra fuel, it may be more useful to prioritize payload if possible?

The way I envision this being used would be, for example:

  • set payload, performance schedules, routing, contingency and reserves as required
  • set a high amount of extra fuel (e.g. 60 minutes)
  • RESULT briefing with maximum amount of extra fuel that can be carried without reducing payload

Currently, payload may be reduced to fit the extra fuel, so I have to re-generate the flight, reducing extra fuel as many times as required until payload doesn’t get reduced.

I do realize that for the maximum extra fuel carried without payload reduction, I could simply add the POSS EXTRA figure to the block fuel; I’m looking for a way for the extra fuel to be specifically featured in the briefing itself (along with the corresponding duration in minutes, which is “easier” for SimBrief to compute than myself).

I imagine there may be other requirements as to why it’s done the current way, however.



Hi Tim,

Right now it’s assumed that if a pilot is requesting extra fuel, that fuel is required for some reason. The behaviour you’re suggesting would probably be best controlled by a separate option (to toggle whether the extra fuel should be prioritized over payload or not).

I will add this suggestion to my list of future updates.

Best regards,

That does make a lot of sense. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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