Exporting dozens of flight plans

I am a fairly high-volume flight simmer, and I have two main rigs that I use for simming: a desktop (main) and a laptop (portable). I will frequently fly batches of flights on one machine or the other.

When I sign onto the other machine having flown a lot of flights on another machine, I will have to click through SimBrief Downloader exporting file after file. My hard drives are huge; so I’m not so worried about the multiple file exports. I’m frustrated by having to spend sometimes literally five minutes clicking “OK” as it tells me that it’s exported each flight plan that I didn’t fly on this machine and never will. It’s not about not wanting the exports to be done, I don’t really care whether that happens or not; but is there any way to … I don’t know, not have it pop up windows sequentially informing me of the multiple exports when I switch to the SimBrief Downloader task?


Hi, I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean that the downloader is informing you of all the flight plans you’ve created since you last used that PC (i.e. there are many popups accumulated)?

You can disable the downloader pop-ups in the main settings by unchecking “Always show a list of saved files after exporting”:

Note that you can also disable the “Always export new flights” option if you don’t want it to automatically export on your secondary machine, for example.

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