Downloader configuration to export only to the Aircraft type selected in Dispatch options?

Forgive me if this is a duplicate of any other thread currently going. I searched back a little bit and didn’t see it.
I have numerous planes that I utilize the Simbreif downloader service to load plans to the locations I need them. The Downloader service works awesome for how it is set up currently.

My question is can the downloader be set up to only export the plan to the location specified in the Downloader for the Airplane selected in the Aircraft Type area of the new flight dispatch options? For example, If I set up the plan for an Aerosoft CRJ900, it exports to the CRJ700 and the PMDG 737-800 locations as well. If it can’t be set up to key on Aircraft TYype selected when building the flight plan currently, can the tool be improved to add that capability?

The reason I am asking is the downloader pulls down a file for each download location and format selected in the Simbrief downloader tool. The truth is I only need the plan for the aircraft I have specified in the Aircraft type since it is not relevant for any other aircraft. This would help save Disk space as well. That causes clean-up issues for me long-term as well as the potential to grab the wrong plan when in other airplanes.

Thanks in advance for your help

Thanks for the suggestion Dennis, will consider this for a possible future update.

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Thanks for the update.