Export flight plan to xplane 11.5

i am using the charts app .
every time i export a flight plan to xplane .fms
which is flights the export choose xplane and of course name the plan.
i get this error.

this flight plan contains invalid departure airport. does this airport satisfy the runway requirements for this air craft

i can go to sky vector exprot to fpl then convert to fms and it works fine.
thanks for any help.



Please advise which aircraft you are loading the plan into FMS/MCDU

Please upload flight plan.


i am using the sf50 vision jet. will upload flight plan.
NAVIEGPAEGNT.fms (160 Bytes)
thanks for any help


That plan loads fine into default 737. So the exported plan seems to be correct.

Maybe try other airport. Also suggest you post at X-Plane forum as it might be an issue with that aircraft.