ESSB VFR Group Flight and Giveaway! - Live on Twitch from Navigraph HQ

Join our Twitch live stream and group flight tomorrow the 14th of March at 1530 UTC! We’ll be flying from our home base ESSB (Bromma) in Stockholm and do some touch and go’s at nearby airports! Follow us to get a notification when we stream: Twitch

How to join:

We’ll be flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator. To join us, please make sure to perform the following steps on the world map in MSFS:

  1. Click on your username in the top right corner, then set your server to NORTH EUROPE.
  3. Select ESSB, Bromma as your departure airport.

Here’s the route string, which can be easily imported into your Charts app by clicking the pen icon in the top right corner:

ESSB DCT 591839N0175651E DCT 591636N0180133E DCT 592041N0180735E DCT 592953N0180948E DCT ESSA DCT 595031N0174227E DCT 593820N0170441E DCT 593821N0164755E DCT ESOW DCT 592933N0162803E DCT 592530N0160725E DCT 592227N0163436E DCT ESSU DCT 592334N0165059E DCT 592153N0171223E DCT 592223N0174442E DCT 592118N0174921E DCT ESSB

Our developers will be available on our Discord for the duration of the livestream to answer any questions you may have about our products. If you’re not a member of our Discord server yet, please head over to: Navigraph

During the livestream, there will also be a giveaway where you’ll have the opportunity to win fine Navigraph merchandise such as shirts and caps.

Hope to see you there!