ESKS : actual location?

I did a flight to and back from ESKS ( Salen - Scandinavian Mountains) in Sweden.

All waypoints in the neighbourhood were correct, except for the RWY33 itself that was located many miles away from the actual / real location.

Is there an error in the database ?

I can´t see any error in the database - here the threshold coordinates according our data:
RW15 - 61.17411944,12.82125
RW33 - 61.15539167, 12.846825

… and here directly form the AIP Sweden:

RW15 - 61.17411944, 12.82125
RW33 - 61.15593166, 12.846825

So the coordinates are equal to the AIP. No error in the navdata. It seems you have any other issue here.

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