ESJA Åre/Molanda is missing from the database

ESJA Åre/Molanda is missing from the database. Believe me the airport is there. I live a couple of kilometers from there. :grinning:

I have checked the AIP Sweden and there is no airport ICAO code ESJA existing … Possible that this airport has no valid (or no) airport ICAO code and therefore it´s not included in the AIP and as a result it´s also not included in the source data.

Here all airports, directly from the AIP Sweden:

Have you any official reference, that this airport has this ICAO code ESJA?

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@ Swedforce07

ESJA a helimed airport for Gavle hospital ?

Good finding @srcooke … indeed, it´s not an airport, it´s a heliport

We have heliports in our database, but we don´t export it due missing “runways” …


Åre/Molanda has had the ICAO code ESJA. I have flown there in real life. The airport is still listed in MSFS, however I’m not sure which AIRAC version I have. It doesn’t seem to be in AIP anymore. What could be the reason?

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MSFS uses uncomplete data and old sat images. When you compare the coordinates, where ESJA really is (according the real world AIP Sweden) comparing the position in MSFS you will see that there a hugh difference.

The point left on the top (near Are) is the Molanda airport, the point on the right-bottom is the real world ESJA helipad:

So, my assumption is, that the MSFS is wrong because the ESJA is definitively a helipad far away from the MSFS ESJA.

We have the ESJA in our database but we don´t export helipads, and ESJA is a helipad as you see in the screenshot above. No idea, from where MSFS has the airport code ESJA but for Molanda, it´s definitely wrong.


This is really strange. I wonder why ESJA has been moved and why Åre/Molanda has not received a new ICAO code.

Thanks for the help!

Not sure, if the ICAO code for Molanda in the past was really ESJA but this can only be answered by the swedish authority.


There are additional ICAO codes that are not included in the list you attached.

Aha and where do I find this codes than, when not in the AIPs?

Can you post a reference to these codes please, that we can report this to Jeppesen?

Thank you

In the following link you can see most of the airports in Sweden. It would be great if these could be added to Navigraph maps.

… but I hope you are with me, that Wikipedia is not an official source :grin:

How should we add it without any details, like ARP, elevation, runways (thresholds, surfaces, markings, lights, …).

Only a list of ICAO codes are not enough, sorry. We can report missing airports in the data when they are included in the AIP of the countries, but we can’t report a list of airports without any real world reference to the AIPs.


Ok, I’ll let you know if I find something better.

Part of the confusion you are having is that the airports provided by Jeppesen and included in the Charts app map appears to be the list in AIP AD 1.3, not the much shorter list in AIP AD 2 (Instrument Aerodromes with ATS) that Richard posted above. AFAIK the list in AIP AD 1.3 is a complete and current list of all Swedish airports with a four-letter code on ICAO format. Historical, closed airports would of course not be in that list.

Neither would MSFS procedurally generated (i.e. totally made up) “ICAO codes”; I suspect “ESJA” for Åre/Molanda belongs in that category. As far as I can find Åre/Molanda has never had an ICAO code or been included in the AIP, it certainly had none in 2009 according to an old copy of Svenska Flygfält I dug up…

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