Error with ENCN RWY 03 STAR chart

When i was flying into ENCN today i realised that the chart for the STAR shows minimum FL100 when turning base, losing 7000 feet in 10 miles to catch the ILS…

I then go and look at Lufthansa LIDO charts, where it says to be below FL100…

I had the same thing with the FMC so this isn’t only the charts…

I have looked directly in the AIP Norway and the STAR chart for 03 shows exactly the same as our charts:

I have also checked the data in our database … same, altitude restriction is B (“At or above to at or below” altitudes specified in the first and second “Altitude” fields), which means 4000ft - FL100.
So in general, the charts seem to be correct and also the data.

Due missing more details from your side, I can´t see any issue here nor I can´t reproduce it.