Error when trying to run the Navdata Beta program

The Beta installs sucessfully but when I try to run it, I get this error:

Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? Or does anyone else get this issue when trying to run the Beta after the latest windows updates?



This is normally a Windows issue rather than the Charts Beta. You might like to check the internet for posts like Application Error (0xc0000005) - Microsoft Community

Make sure you have an Antivirus as some sites purporting to have solutions have malware.


Hi @Ian ,

I’ve had a good read through all the articles that I can find, and have done the following:

Updated and performed a full system scan using McAfee Antivirus
Updated and performed a full system scan using Windows Defender
Run CheckDisk on both my drives
Booted using my windows 10 recovery disk and used sfc to check the OS for any file problems

All of the above found no issues.

I also tried disabling DEP (data execution prevention) for the Beta, but it would not allow me to as it is a 64-bit program.

I am attempting to narrow down any possible causes. The issue only happens with the Beta, and not with any other program on my computer (I went through opened them all to check).

Does the Beta require any Microsoft Visual Redistributable packages or anything else to run other than the program itself?


No harm in trying FAQ - FMS Error "api-ms-win-ctr-runtime-l1-1-0.dll" or "(0xc000007b)"