Error message that origin or destination changed after selecting same runway number at origin & destination

I believe this is a bug. It happens where the origin and departure airports (which could be the same airport) share runway number prefixes, e.g. EGLL/09L and EHAM/09.

  1. Create a new flight using manual input from EGLL to EHAM, do not auto-generate route.
  2. Select runway 09L or 09R as the departure runway
  3. Select direct to runway 09 at the destination.
  4. Select “Type Route” to edit the text version of the route, noting the format of the destination.
  5. Press “Save”.

Error dialog appears suggesting that origin or destination airport has changed. This appears to be because the destination is EHAM-09 rather than EHAM/09. Switching to a different runway, e.g. 22 reverts to the accepted format of the destination, i.e. EHAM/22, and the problem disappears.

It occurs where there is no suffix on the runway number too, e.g. EGGP/27 to EHAM/27. It’s only an issue when editing the route text by hand, because of the format of the destination, e.g. EHAM-27 rather than EHAM/27. Changing the “-” to “/” in the route text allows the route to be saved.

It’s a reasonably obscure one, and has a workaround, but still a bug I think.

EDIT: this doesn’t happen on the iOS app but it does happen on the Mac OS desktop app and through the website.