Error Message - Cannot open app on iPad

I am currently unable to use my charts subscription. I keep getting this alert on my ipad when trying to load a flight plan from simbrief:

ALERT: “Could not load flight ending message with error response status code was unacceptable 400.” that is an exact quote. It does not make sense, seems very poorly worded.

Also, when I try to load charts, for example CYYR in this case, it goes into an endless loop. Everything was fine up until today, Are you having server problems, my Internet appears OK?

P.S. I have closed down the ipad and restarted the app and still the same result at this time.


…further, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Same. But I will say, Simlink seems to be working OK, whereas everything else is a no go, including charts, flight plan loading (Simbrief).

See Are the authentication servers down? - #22 by stephen

Thanks Stephen, that’s all I need to know.

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