Error in AIRAC SSG format generation

There is an error in the latest AIRAC generation in the SSG format. ( I don’t know if in other formats) Please compare these two SID from EIDW airport.

This is AIRAC 2009
5, DEXEN,010, , 91.000000, 181.000000, ,CA, ,279,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000,+,00650,00000,05000, ,0,0
5, DEXEN,020, OE, 53.430167, -6.428806,WST ,CF, ,279,000.000,005.2,030.7, 0.000000,005.0,000,+,03000,00000,00000,D,0,1
5, DEXEN,030, DEXEN, 53.280278, -5.500000,WST ,CF,L,102,000.000,036.0,100.5, 0.000000,035.0,000,+,12000,00000,00000,D,0,0

and this is AIRAC 2108
5, DEXEN,020, OE, 53.430167, -6.428806,DUB ,CF, ,278,000.000,006.0,228.4, 0.000000,005.0,000,+,03000,00000,05000,D,0,1
5, DEXEN,030, DEXEN, 53.280278, -5.500000, ,DF,L,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000,+,12000,00000,00000, ,0,0

basically the course for the CF or DF in DEXEN is missed. as you can see it is 102 at the AIRAC 2009 but it is 000 at the AIRAC 2108
So it is needed the Course to the fix that actually is missed but not previously
This is an example in EIDW, the same happens in other airports


sorry but I can see any issue here a CF leg is completely different to a DF leg. A CF leg needs a course as in the very old cycle is included, but a DF leg doesn’t need it. Thats the ARINC standard … So, why do you mean that a DF leg needs a course also?


So that SID procedure has changed? now there is not a Course to reach DEXEN but any you can after turn OE?
sorry I was not aware about that change

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