ENTC SID not Loading, ? Missing RNAV

I am using Windows 10, X-Plane 11.52, World Traffic 3, and Aerobask Victory G1000. This is the version of ENTC I am using: ENTC Trømso - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum This scenery has the runways labeled 01/19. I changed the rwy numbers to 18/36 before reporting this issue. After I enter my flight plan, ENTC to ENGM, and I choose departure, no SID appears. See first screen shot.

I also received a message about missing RW18. See second screen shot.

When I clicked on Learn more I was taken to LR. See third screen shot.ENTC Rwy # Change
I tried flying from ENGM to ENTC. I was not able to load the arrival or approach to ENTC. See fourth and fifth screen shot.

I tried looking at some of the navigation file, could not find any RNAV arrival entries for ENTC. eAIP for Norway does have RNAV information: Avinor - eAIP Norway
Thank you in advance for your help.
Ron West, KBNA

Hi Ron,
as the message show you: the runway is missing in the default world APT data file of XP11. This is not an AIRAC file and will provided/supported by XP. Therefore please report this to X-Plane Scenery Gateway.

When the runway is added/changed from XP, you can use the procedure as normal. Thats not a navdata issue.


Thank you for letting me know where the missing runway number is located.
When I look at the earth_nav.dat I am not see what I think is the RNAV information for ENTC. I have the most recent version of Navigraph: 1150 Version - data cycle 2102, build 20210218, metadata NavXP1150. Copyright © 2021 Navigraph, Datasource Jeppesen
Looking at the ENGM information I see RNAV information, highligted in gray, R01LZ and the others starting with an R.

See first screen shot. I do not see this same information for ENTC. See second screen shot. RNAV is available for ENTC per eAIP Norway. If I am looking in the wrong place please let me know.
Ron West, KBNA

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