ENSN still missing

I will take this topic up again as I do not understand why ENSN is missing.
ENLU which is a nearby airfield to ENSN is noted in the Navigraph map. This airfield is not in AIP Norway as well as ENSN is not. So to be noted in AIP Norway is not the clue. Both has ICAO code, but only ENSN has IATA code which is SKE. ENSN is an airport in Jeppesen charts also. As far as I understand the Jeppesen charts is some of basis to Navigraph charts.
Still hope that I can find ENSN in the Navigraph maps in the future

What is your source for this? Possibly it could be a tailored airport to some specific customer, but it isn’t in the Jeppesen standard coverage. Our coverage reflects that of Jeppesen.

It appears at least on Wikipedia that this airport doesn’t have any scheduled flights since 2015, so this is the likely reason why it isn’t covered by Jeppesen.

ENLU isn’t covered by Jeppesen charts either.



Hello Stephen,

I found that ENSN has Jeppesen charts via the Norwegian MyPPR system in Norway. I have enclosed two pages. Last rev. is 2019. I know a new rev. is planned this year.

You are right about ENLU, it has no Jeppesen charts, but it is still market in the Navigraph charts. So I wonder why the difference and if ENSN can be marked in the charts as well.