Endless frustration

New subscription but having a very frustrating time learning how to use Navigraph… cannot get a single flight plan to work without broken dotted lines in the arrivals section.

I think I am so used to the simple intuitive logic of Little Nav Map where everything joins and connects so effortlessly where in Navigraph I get nothing but broken spaghetti.

I thought Navigraph was meant to make things simpler. But without ATC to vector you in how on earth are you meant to make his work?å

Hello, thanks for reaching out.
A few things to note. Have you used SimBrief? This is a great feature when connected to your account as it will automatically import into Navigraph app for you.
That said let’s plan a flight from DFW-PVR using this route: (off of SimBrief)
Type in both departure and arrival into the create flight and select CREATE

This shows a direct route.
Next select Type Route into the top tool bar.

Copy and paste the route into the route generator like this:
Ensure that your departure airport and arrival airports act as bookends.
(DEP airport) (Route)( ARR Airport)
Select save, you can see we have an red alert here:

Basically saying that it does not recognize the arrival. To get rid of that rascal…

  1. Select Arrivals
  2. Select the appropriate arrival in this case KEDM1A
  3. Delete the old one (not depicted here as I already deleted it)
    You should be good if it goes green.
    Now we have a clean route!
    Hope all goes well