EIDW RWY 10L not in database

I am using the Toliss A321 V1.3.2 with the latest AIRAC 2212 on XP11. When entering EIDW10L on the PROG page of the MCDU it responds with a ‘not in database’.

welcome here in the forum and thank you very much for your report and the details. I assume you´re using the XP11 stock scenery for EIDW, correct? When yes, the stock scenery doesn´t have the new runways included. The runways can´t be updated via the navdata updates - they are part of the APT.DAT file, which is part of XP11 and which should/can be updated from Laminar Research.

Here is a report about this in the XP Scenery Gateway:

I have found a 3rd party scenery in the scenery gateway, which includes the new runways and taxiways. Worth to try I guess … when the runways are correct, you will also be select the runways in the FMC/S.

Hope that helps,

Many thanks for the speedy answer. Much appreciated. Thanks for the research. I will download the 3rd party scenery in the gateway.

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