EIDW P3D - since airac 2304 no SIDs and STARS


i have read the other article about EIDW having no SIDS and STARS. But because it is a bit different i decided to open a new Topic.

Here’s the situation: I have P3D, MK Simulation Dublin installed. Also Airac 2304 and 2305 were installed and both are showing no SIDS and STARS.

I had it installed before (before computer crash) and it worked all fine. Do you have an explanation for it? Would be great, otherwise i cant fly to EIDW anymore.

for which P3D version and for which addon?



its P3D v4.5 and i have used the PMDG738- but i need to check if its only the PMDG or in general.

Hi again Frank,
thank you … I have just tested it with the PMDG 737-800 - but I have all SIDs/STARs

SIDs page:

STAR page:

You wrote, you are using a 3rd party scenery … possible, this hint fix your issue - because I can´t see any navigational issue here. Or at least, its not reproduce-able on my system:



i have deleted the ARPT RWY file and the SIDs and STARS are available again. Really strange, but thanks for your support.

Great … You’re welcome!

Glad it’s solved … Happy flying,

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