EIDW 28L & 10R missing Star in MSFS 2020

I have recently signed up for a navigraph ultimate subscription and have installed Navigraph NavData Centre, I have successfully updated my airac cycle to 2208 rev 1 in both the flight sim and my add-on aircraft.

There seems to be an issue with the STAR and is missing for both 28L & 10R at Dublin airport. When I select my arrival at Dublin airport, only stars for runway 34 & 16 appear. When I remove the airac update with navdata centre and return to the stock msfs 2020 database, the STARs reappear. I have removed all add-on aircraft and the MK_Studios EIDW, but the stars still do not show.

I have also tried removing the airac update via the navdata centre and reinstalling it, but the issue persists. Coincidentally, the stars do show up in the FMC of my add-on aircraft (FBW z32nx & PMDG 737-700)

I am using the steam version of MSFS 2020

I have also included a screenshot of the available stars in msfs 2020 with the airac update.

this is sadly a MSFS issue because (at least) the stock scenery is outdated. Dublin has a new runway since AIRAC 2208 which is not included in the MSFS and we may not change any existing airports.

The logic in the sim is now, when a runway is missing with existing terminal procedures - the sim disabled all these terminal procedures. EIDW has now 10L/R and 28L/R and all STARs are valid for both runways and therefore all these STARs will be disabled by the sim. It´s not a navdata issue because the STARs are all included in the data but due the outdated scenery the sim can´t assigned the procedures to the runways and therefore all will be disabled.

You see this very clear on the approach tab … here you see the approaches for the 10R/28L, but you also see a ILS without any runway ident and thats for one of the new runways …

I have no idea, if any 3rd party EIDW scenery is still updated with all runways, but as soon as all runways are available, you will immediately see the STARs for all runways too. No new update from our side necessary because the STARs are still included. No navdata issue, more or less a sim limitation … sorry.


PS: it´s the same issue with the missing KORD runway in the none deluxe sim versions

Thanks Richard,

I thought as much as the stars are showing up in my addon aircraft and indeed in simbrief.

Would you hazard a guess as to what would happen if a third party created an addon or updated there add-on to include the extra runways. Would the starts return? or would you expect that this is something the needs to be resolved by microsobo by updating the sim itself?


Hi Jason,
some addons uses a own dataset and are independet to the MSFS, therefore you see all STARs in the PMDG, Fenix or Maddog as an example. But you don´t see it in the in-game Garmin NXi, FBW or other stock aircrafts which are using the MSFS navdata directly.

To your question:
In that moment, where a 3rd party scenery designer add the missing runway, or when ASOBO/MS add the runway to their stock scenery, the STARs are immediately back. The STARs are still included in your data but will not be shown to this logic in the MSFS. Hope that´s understandable … again, you still have all STARs in your current data but the MSFS suppress it due the fact, that the sim can´t assign it to the corresponding runway(s).

Please let me know, when something is still unclear :thinking:


Hi Richard,

Yes, totally understood. Hopefully MK Studios are working on an EIDW update so.
Thanks again for you quick and clear response.


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