EGSS STARs missing from MSFS

MS A320 route from LFBO to EGSS shows no STARs available at EGSS.
Reroute LFBO to EDLV and STARs ARE available.
Same applies when using FBW A320NX - stars are NOT available for EGSS in the MCDU which I understand uses the Navdata in the sim…
This applies with or without the EGSS freeware airport from Liiiam (via
Sorry if I’ve missed this being reported by someone else…
Nav cycle 2302 rev 4 in use…

in most cases, the stock scenery is outdated. Please check the runways, against the real world.

EGSS has in real the runway idents 04/22

Do you see the same in MSFS? When not than this is the issue → outdated scenery

There are several reports here with different airports … look for “missing stars”



Hi Richard,
Thanks for the rapid response - and on a Sunday! However, the sim shows runways 04/22 so that seems to be consistent?
Best regards

Thanks Peter, ok let me check it … I have seen, on the charts that there is a temporary runway limitation, possible that is the issue.

I will check it and will inform you here.

Thank you very much Peter,

Hi Peter,
ok, I have checked it now between the MSFS and the real-world information …

The issue is this notams:

A8097/22 NOTAMN
Q) EGTT/QMRTT/IV/BO /A /000/999/5153N00014E005
A) EGSS B) 2303260000 C) 2304082359
E) TRIGGER NOTAM - AIP SUP 077/22 WEF 26 MAR - 08 JUN 23

from the EGSS charts 30-1P2:

directly from our database:

Due this notam, ESGG has temporary “two additional” runway idents 04C and 22C … the problem now is, that the sim disable at least all STARs, when any terminal procedure can´t be assigned to a runway, in this case 04C/22C because both runways doesn´t exist in the MSFS.

I have looked into the data and all STARs are available and existing in our data but the sim supress all due this limitation. Sorry - it´s exactly the same issue, when the stock scenery has an outdated runway ident - than the sim suppress also all STARs (at least).

According the notams this “reduced dist operations” ends with 8 of April 2023, so I guess (when ASOBO doesn´t change this logic till this date in any update), you can expect the STARs back with at least the cycle 2305.

Sorry for that - hope that helps,

Hi Richard,
many thanks for your effort and your clear explanation - I’ll know to watch for this in future!
All the best

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