Operating System: Win 10
Flight Sim Version: MSFS
Add-on: FBW A20N
AIRAC Update No: 2201 rev.1
Problem Details: After adding rwy 14L/32R and rename 14C/32C in UUDD all STAR and almost all SID missed in FMS
Any non-standard hardware or software: Drzewiecki Design’s Moscow Landmarks

I don’t have the 3rd party scenery therefore:

Can you confirm, that when you select UUDD on the worldmap, you see all 6 runways (14R, 14C, 14L, 32R, 32C and 32L)? Please post a screenshot of the airport-info window from the worldmap.

Please explain what do you mean with: “you have renaned 14C/32C”? How? And why when you’re using a 3rd party addon? What do you mean with it?


New runway 14L/32L was added in airac 2112 and this problem appeared. Previously called old runway 14L/32L became known as 14C/32C. About addon - its scenery with this airport (Added in case this information is important). Runway 14L/32R not available as it is under construction, but is already in the schemes. Because that I can chose only 14R/32L and 14C/32C (on screenshot called
The last two screenshots were taken on runway 14C. The in-game map shows that the plane is at point DE32C, and that corresponds to the telemetry on the chart of the UUDD. In worldmap it is 14L


… but “closed” does only mean, currently not in use and not “not existing”. I also don´t see any runway-ident change. Runway 14C is still 14C and runway 14L still 14L, so to “rename” the runways are wrong. The runway itself is still there and will also be used again after Feb 23, 2022 and that´s the point. The runway should be existing but may not be used according the NOTAMs.

Here directly from the Russian AIP:

All procedures are also still available in the AIP, even the closed runway 14L/32R due the closed taxiways.

So, when the runway is completely missing, the sim disable the terminal procedures by his logic. As soon as all runways are available, you will see that you can select all terminal procedures immediately because the data are still included in the cycle. So, don´t rename the runways, only add the additional runway 14L/32R and you will see all procedures.


I haven’t renamed anything myself. All data from navigraph navdata center
Previously, there was no new band rwy 14L/32R, which addition broke the work of the FMS.
Rwy that was a 14L/32R now is a 14C/32C.
Here is a screenshot of the old chart to understand the situation

I understand the situation but I don´t know what you expected now?

Again, we can´t do anything only to offer the correct, real-world data and that´s what we do and what you get via the AIRAC updates. The sim stock scenery is simple outdated a runway is missing and that has nothing todo with any AIRAC update.

Missing 14C/32C runway:

I have also uploaded the screenshots of the Russian AIP, that this runway is existing but due a NOTAM not useable till end of February.

That´s a sim issue and not a navdata issue - the navdata are correct, the sim is wrong.


Ok. Lets go other way. Why STAR for 14R and also for 32L broken too.

I don´t know … possible due a mail-function in the FBW A320?

When you look on the WorldMap you will see the SIDs for 14R/32L:

… also with the WT CJ4 - SIDs available:


… and last, using the latest stable version of the FBW A320


Sorry, my mistake. I was tolking about STAR. SID working

Ok, now you have corrected to STARs but I guess, I have still answered this before:
The SIM disable ALL STARs in that moment, when a terminal procedure can´t assigned to a runway. Means, we offer all terminal procedures for all runways (14C/L/R and 32C/L/R) and the sim offers only 4 of them and therefore the sim blocks the STARs.

Here a very detailed description with KORD:

You see in this example, very, very clear that this is NOT a navdata issue, it´s a scenery issue and also what happened behind.


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