EHAM ILS 18C missing AM626

The FMS data for EHAM ILS 18C appears to be missing the charted AM626 fix.

the fix AM626 exists in the database but not on the final approach - when you look on the charts, you see the little “cross” which indicates the FAF (=Final Approach Fix). So, this is the last published fix on the way down to the threshold. From this point you are following the glideslope, so there is no additional waypoint necessary …

For the speed-restriction (160 kts) you must use the reference VORDME SPL. The fix AM626 is only necessary, when you want as an example to fly a short approach … but for the “normal” ILS approach, this fix has no importance and therefore it´s not coded. This is a standard-rule and has nothing todo with this approach only.

Hope that helps,

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Thank you very much for that thorough and helpful explanation

You’re welcome - thanks for your kind words!!


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