EGLL - BIG Transition

I have an issue with EGLL arrival ALE1H via BIG for 27R.
Indeed, Navigraph has 3 different approches for BIG transition which messes up aircracft FMCs’ (the 3 are loaded at the same time in the FMC) as well as Pro-ATC/x (resulting in a vector approach) which ends up crashing everytime I pass BIG.
It makes EGLL unflyable when coming from south.
I did not look at other arrivals.
Could you please take a look before the next cycle is released (I know it will be very soon…) or at least let me know how to fix this issue?
Thank you very much,

I have the same issue on FSlabs with latest cycle 2013.
EGLL arrival from ALES1H via BIG is unflyable due to something that messes up everything.
Please solve.
Thanks and best regards.

Hello Richard,

I can confirm this issue affects multiple addons, PMDG, FSL, LNM & ProATC

Hi thanks for the reports … the BIG transition is a tailored record-set and not included in our source due the complexity of coding. The fact, that this transition isn´t working well now, we will remove this transition with the next upcoming revisions, latest with the AIRAC 2014. Sorry, but this is not handle able and must flown by hand in the future.

Thanks for your understanding

PS: there was also a posting about this issue with a good real-world information about the BIG transition and that the coding is too complex - look here Bnn1B Star EGLL (27L & 27R)

Thanks Richard, I didn’t search the MSFS topics !

No problem :wink: - it looks that the tailored records will not fit anymore with the current procedures into EGLL. Possible I can look on it on a later time but in the meantime, we will not be add it to avoid this issue.


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