EGJB Guernsey SID

Hi all,

Having difficulty with creating a flightplan out of EGJB. Here’s the SID from navigraph:

If I create a flightplan in the plane, the routing gives me a right turn from the runway, passing west of the field.

However, if I create a flightplan from the World Map, I get this:

which seems much more reasonable.

AIRAC Cycle in use:

n.b. Screenshots taken with the G1000 working title mod, but can reproduce with stock Asobo G1000. Plane is Cirrus SR22.

Edit to add:
Flying the FPL from the world map, it sends me back more or less over the airfield, before leaving on the 314 radial to ORMER.

And just to prove the point, here’s the FPL exported from Navigraph itself, loaded in the world map:

Using a Simbrief-created plan shows the same as Navigraph’s export.

TBH I can live without using the World Map planner, but it’d be nice if I could create accurate plans using the in-plane avionics.

Any advice gratefully received.