EGHH Tower frequency (again)

I notice that there have been a few previous posts regarding the erroneous Southampton tower frequency being associated with EGHH which result in MSFS incorrectly associating Southampton tower with operations at EGHH.
The explanation given was that the 118.205 (Southampton tower) frequency is published in the AIPs for Bournemouth - i’ve looked through the AIPs and cannot find any reference to this.
May I request that you review the inclusion (and removal) of 118.205 Southampton tower from the EGHH frequency list.
Note that this is definitely an issue with the AIRAC distributed by Navigraph (the base Asobo supplied scenery does not have the 118.205 frequency, the EGHH scenery [which i’m the co-author] does not have the 118.205 frequency, it is only when the charts are updated using the Navigraph Hub that the erroneous frequency appears!)

thats the reason why the Southampton tower frequency is also included in the EGHH data:


As I have written in the other topic, the sim is limited and there is no possibility to set any flag to control this inside the sim. Bad news but I have a good one too … I have analyzed this in our data and I guess, I have found a workaround not to export such frequencies in general. I will analyze this deeper now but it looks good, that this solution could work.

AIRAC 2406 is still ready and uploaded - so when I´m ready, I will built a second revision in this cycle. I will keep this topic open and will inform you here, when I have any news for you an/or when I have made the workaround to solve this.

Thanks for report and your patience

Just an update to this - the workaround doesn´t really work. There are too many missing information, which are needed on other airports. So, it looks like that I can´t remove it sorry.


Many thanks for your quick response and your potential workaround :slight_smile:
Shame your workaround isn’t suitable…

However, if you dig further into the AIP you will come across the section on Training and Flow management:

Which strongly infers that “control” is actually performed by Bournemouth Approach (and not Southampton!) - which would make more sense.


Right - but when you read the line above you see that training flights can be operating from Southampton or Bournemouth. The Solent CTA is located at Southampton - so I´m pretty sure that is the reason why the Southampton frequencies are also included (with “Southampton” as callsign by the way) in the Bournemouth records. It looks really a special case here.

I have tried and analyzed a lot during this day but I haven´t found any correct way to “remove” these records globally. My first idea was the location of the ATC facility because EGHH and EGHI are approx. 30 miles away but this logic is not correct on other places.

On the other hand, in point #7 it says “The Flow Management for instrument route training within Solent CTA is controlled by Southampton airport. Booking for route training are in additional to instrument training bookings made at this aerodrome”

So that means, only flights in the Solent CTA area controlled by Southampton airport and this point is included in the EGHH airport details, so it´s valid when such frequencies are included because when not, how wouldn´t see this information in the systems on the EGHH record.

Tricky one, I know and I haven´t found any comparable example to this (but I´m honest I haven´t checked 14t airports in detail :slight_smile: ).


But Richard, let me think about a manual exception for EGHH. I don’t love this - I’m more for a general/unique solution but as I have written, I have spend the whole day today to look for a suiteable solution, for a compareable example, without any result.

I will help you, possible I do it manually. Let me think about it (but this would only be for the data).


I really do appreciate the time and effort your are spending on this… as you say it’s an odd situation not helped by what seems to be conflicting/unclear statements in the AIP. However, surely traffic within the Solent CTA is controlled by Solent Radar and not Southampton tower (other than arriving/departing traffic to/from EGHI) - so zapping Southampton tower from the EGHH data should work?

Right, thats what I think about. Manually removing the records to avoid the export. This must be done globally in our database, globally for all addons that all have the same output than - and thats a little bit tricky at the moment. But I’m sure, I will find a way.


just an short update - day 2 of analyzes and now I have found a working workaround. It´s very tricky but it´s a general solution to avoid such situations on other airports too.

It´s to late today to release a 2nd revision, but I will do this tomorrow … So, you can expect a corrected version (AIRAC 2406 rev. 2) tomorrow :wink:

AIRAC 2406 rev. 2:


Richard, I have already released the new version today :wink:
Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening,

Awesome! :smiley:

From my brief tests using AIRAC 2406 rev. 2, it all looks to be working perfectly, if I find any oddities I will let you know.
In the meantime, many thanks for sorting this so quickly, its very much appreciated.

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