EFB A320 Flybywire

After making the last upgrade of FS2020 and updating the A320 FBW “development” version, the EFB no longer logs in as a Navigraph user. I tried to restore it with the procedure provided via QR reader but it replied “code is Not Approved”. Given that with the credentials I can enter both Simbrief and Navigraph without problems.
I have verified that there are no problems on the “stable” version. With a previous “development” version as of September 28th. there are no problems. If I update this version the problem returns.
Is it a Navigraph or Flybywire problem?

It’s a developer version, so it means possible bugs or features are possible disabled and/or not working as expected.

A dev version is in most cases for testing but not to use for production. So what is the reason, that you need the dev version?


PS: beside all of that it’s a FBW issue

Thank you Richard for your kind response.
I would like to point out that since I have been using the FBW 320 I have always flown with the “dev” version without having any problems other than this last one regarding the EFB connection.
I agree with you, and I apologize if I have concerned Navigraph with the problem, that FBW must find the solution.

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Hi Marius,
no need to apologize you … it´s sometimes not 100% clear, who is the responsible company for what, at least for you as user. Thanks anyway for your kind words. Much appreciated …


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