EDDN DOSIS 28 Transition in XP11 differs from the chart (10-2E)

Some WPs are missing, for example DN457.

Please fix,

DN427? generally done in order not to clutter the display.

If you look at the textual description at the foot of 10-2E you’ll see for example that DN427 and DN428 are skipped, especially as there is no speed/alt restriction defined at those points.

The waypoints are however defined in the database and can be entered by the user if required.

Hi Bernd,
Stephen is right here - when you look on the route description you will see, that there are no additional waypoints between DN456 and DN459

… and also, the DN457 and DN458 are available in the database and can set it manually in the FMC. The additional waypoints, which are not included are normally directs for further vectors to final but the “normal” transition don´t have these waypoints.


You guys are right, I am able to DIR TO DN457.


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