EDDM 26R Glideslope

I noticed that the GS at EDDM RWY 26R is way off. I am using Simwings EDDM and the FENIX A320.
I will attach some screenshots showing the wrong GS placements. Threshold RA should be 51 feet while it is round about 20 feet in MSFS. Am I correct in assuming that the Fenix takes all its LOC/GS from the Navigraph database and ignores the Sceneries output?

I have checked the Fenix data for this runway and all seems to be correct (at least wirh the data).

In most cases this is an wrong elevation issue, or a runway position issue in the scenery. What I would try is to test the same with the stock scenery only and the Fenix, to identify if this is possible a scenery issue.

To the question what data Fenix use from where: I guess this should be answered by Fenix, I’m not 100% sure but I assume too, that all is independent as you mentioned. But again, its better to ask Fenix to get a clear and professional answer …

What I see in our data, the gs antenna is correct located and has the correct elevation. Further our runway thresholds and the TCHs, so it should work as expected …


PS: on the other hand, you are slightly below the GS, which results in a lower high on the threshold

Hi, I just checked. Without the scenery, the GS is fully correct. I will now investigate what else the issue could be, as it happens with so many airports. Crossing the Threshold in other heights than around 50 feet messes up so many landings.

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