EDDF No Sid shown on 07 L,C,R airac2203

My Specs.:
Win 10
Jeehell fmgs version 55 , a320-214
Navigraph Airac 2203
EDDF mega airport professional
Skalarki Mcdu
Full-size 1:1 cockpit

In EDDF and eddm for example - both with parallel runways,.

With the new Airac 2203 when departure runway is chosen for eg. Rwy 07C or 07R , click on it. Normally now you see all Sid’s, choose the right one and insert it.

But here after click on rwy07C or 07R Or 07L no Sid is available…

But if you click on departure - all runways are listed… when you now Klick on right arrow key all of the Sid’s listed in one row.

On rwy18 there are Sid’s visible…

I have a video link for better understanding

Can you double check if there’s no failure in the airac.

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