Easiest way to update to the latest AIRAC cycle

What is the easiest way to update to the latest AIRAC cycle when you see this?

Clicking one of the outdated and red AIRAC cycle icons which to me seems like the most intuitive ways does nothing.

I’ve already went through this many times now and yet, I keep forgetting how to actually have the AIRAC cycle updated and to me, this should be a very easy process.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious here?

2308 is outdated you can’t active outdated cycles, you can only active the current cycle 2309, which should be available - or not?


I realize I can’t activate an outdated cycle but what is the procedure to update to the most current one from this screen?

I do have an active subscription.

Here is what I have been doing with a 100% success rate so far!

I hope it works for you as well!

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Simple as that, thanks. Worked like a charm!

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